A professionally installed residential fire protection system is much more than just high-quality smoke detectors.

A residential fire protection is a customized system able to detect smoke or heat throughout your home. When it does, it immediately alerts our monitoring center to send help, while also sounding the alarm in your home to warn you and your family of danger.

  • Smoke & Heat detectors can help notify you and the Kazar monitoring station(s) so we can call the fire department – even if you’re not home.

  • Flood detectors can protect against rising water in your home, whether it’s an overflowing washer or a broken pipe.

  • Low-Temperature detectors to protect from freezing pipes.

  • Carbon Monoxide detectors to notify you when irregular levels of CO are present in your home.

Let us create a plan for a residential fire protection system that is customized for your needs. Call (918)551-6196 for a free customized fire protection consultation.